Getting to Know Mens Chastity Devices


Living with mens chastity devices is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I always thought that wearing something like this would end up showing me a whole new aspect of my life, but I never would have imagined just how much it would show. I can’t even remember what it was like to walk around without having my device on anymore and I am very thankful for that. I love my device and wouldn’t give it up for anything in the world right now.

Of course getting used to wearing my mens chastity devices wasn’t the easiest thing I have ever done, but I am glad that I was able to do it. My life seemed so empty until I started wearing my devices. I would stumble through the day without any regard to what was happening and now I pay close attention to everything happening around me. It’s like this little metal cage was what I needed to truly open my mind and see the world for what it really is. You just have to be willing to give in to your needs and allow yourself to explore a bit.

Once you have started wearing mens chastity devices, you will understand why so many guys love them. You could read about them all day long, but until you actually lock one in place, you will never be able to understand it. There is a sense of euphoria that you get when you hear that lock slip into place, knowing that you can’t take it off. It’s something that I strive to experience every single day of my life now and I am happy that I gave it a chance. Having the option of changing out the chastity device for different designs goes a long way in helping as well.

Mens Chastity Devices for the Smaller Man

Most of the mens chastity devices that I have looked at in the neighborhood adult store seem to be way too big for me to use. I’m not a large man and even though I would love to try out these chastity devices, I just don’t think it would matter all that much. I am pretty confident that I would still be able to get an erection even with the smallest one I have seen. Unfortunately, I am too afraid to come out and ask them if they have anything smaller that I might be able to use.


Because of my fear of letting people, especially strangers, know that I have an exceptionally small penis, I started looking around online for mens chastity devices. It was my hope that I would be able to find something that would fit me and my small cock without having to deal with the inside laughter shining through the eyes of the person I am talking to. Thankfully, I am not the only guy that has a small penis and wants to enjoy male chastity products. I have found numerous sites on the internet that cater specifically to the smaller members of society.

Now that I have found some mens chastity devices that I think would fit me perfectly, I feel relieved and satisfied. I haven’t ordered one just yet, but knowing that they are indeed available has made me feel much better about myself. I just have to decide on which design I will be most comfortable with and I can start enjoying the chaste lifestyle I have been craving for as long as I can remember. Maybe once I have my device on I will be more comfortable with telling people just how small I really am since it will be locked up safely in a cage. If they cannot actually see it, then they cannot make fun of it.


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Enjoying My Mens Chastity Devices

I love wearing mens chastity devices but I have to be careful of which ones I take out in public. I have quite a large collection of them and, for some reason; I like the older versions a lot. I have actually worn one of those old replica chastity devices that they had in the Middle Ages to work once. I wouldn’t suggest doing something like that because it was one of the most uncomfortable days of my life. Everyone at work knew there was something different with me, but I think they were afraid to ask me what it was.

They know that I have no problems with telling them things about my life they don’t want to hear about, even that I wear mens chastity devices now and then. Of course they think that I wear them at night or something and not that I have ever worn them to work in the past. I was actually wearing one when I had the interview to get the job and continue to wear one every day since. I just like to change it out every couple of days to give me a fresh perspective on life.

Wearing replicas of older male chastity devices can be a lot of fun but I only suggest someone that is used to wearing chastity devices in general try them out. New guys looking for something fun aren’t going to be able to handle more than an hour or so in something like this. Although you can get a modified version that will actually fit you like the newer designs but still look aesthetically like the older ones. But getting an actual replica will show you exactly why this was considered more of a punishment than anything exciting to wear just for the hell of it back in the day. You’ll probably have a whole new understanding when you try out one of these.


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Sorry no models today just me wearing something I think is sexy! Photo above!



Mens Chastity Devices to De-Stress

I love wearing mens chastity devices every chance I get. Of course that means I wear one every single day because there is nothing stopping me from doing it. Since I work from home and I don’t have to go out in public all that much, I can get by with wearing my device and not having to worry about the style of pants I have on. When I do go out, I can wear jeans that will hide the device sufficiently enough that I don’t have to worry about people staring at me.

I find that my days are much more relaxed while I am wearing my mens chastity devices, too. I never had a relaxed day, even when I wasn’t doing anything except sitting around reading a book, before I found these interesting devices to wear. I always thought that I was just one of those people that had a high stress life regardless of what I was doing. As it turns out, though, I just wasn’t wearing the things I needed in order to relieve the stress. But I have learned and now I can relax no matter what I might be doing throughout the day.


I would tell anyone out there to pick out some male chastity devices in order to see what their life could end up being like. You don’t have to wear them all the time in order to get benefits from having them, though. I know there are a lot of guys that seem to think you have to wear them non-stop for months at a time, but that isn’t true for everyone. I can go weeks without wearing a device and still feel like I am in control of my life, most of the time. On the other hand, they are much better worn than not.


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Learning about Mens Chastity Devices

There are some really interesting mens chastity devices on the market these days and I would suggest that all men interested in this lifestyle to take a look at them. You might just find that some of these items are things that you can’t live without, though. I was never involved in anything that had to do with male chastity but, once I came across a website selling these devices, I was instantly hooked. I wasn’t exactly sure what they were used for, or how to use them for that matter, but they intrigued me beyond belief. I simply had to know more about them so I did some research.




I found out that these mens chastity devices were used by guys for numerous reasons, but the most important reason was to take control over their unruly erections. I have never had that problem before, but it still sounded like something I would enjoy trying out. I just had to figure out which one I should purchase and that is where I ran into a few issues. Since I didn’t know all that much about them, I couldn’t really determine which one would work the best for me. But I was determined to find out one way or another.



The first thing I did was look around online for any beginners’ mens chastity devices that I might be able to find. I wasn’t even sure if such a thing existed, but I was glad to see that there were some out there. Then I had to figure out what size I should get, which was another issue I wasn’t prepared to handle. I figured that I wasn’t all that big so I didn’t need anything in the large range, but I certainly didn’t want to get one that was too small for me, either. Thankfully, I was able to find one that fit perfectly even if it did take me some time and a bit of trial and error.  That set me on a brand new path in life and I continue to enjoy it.




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My Journey with Mens Chastity Devices

The first time I decided to try mens chastity devices, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into. I thought that it would be fun to lock my cock up inside a cage and walk around all day long but, as it turned out; that wasn’t exactly what happened. I ended up finding out the hard way that you really have to be careful with the type of devices you choose to wear for the first time in your life. If you are lucky, you might get one that is extremely comfortable. I, however, was not that lucky.



I spent a lot of time looking through mens chastity devices in the hopes that I would find one that would work well for me, but I ended up choosing a device that was a bit more advanced. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much because I wasn’t able to get comfortable in it. This is an issue with me personally and not a fault of the design as I really did like the design, until I had to wear the device that is.

I ended up changing the mens chastity devices out for something a bit more basic that I could wear. I have grown accustomed to these designs and everything seems to be working well enough for me now. I just hope that the next design I choose will be as comfortable as the one that I am wearing right now. Naturally, I will spend a lot more time looking through the designs that are available on the market so that I can make sure I don’t end up making a mistake again. I still have that first one I tried to wear, but it’s more of a keepsake now than anything useful to me. I like to be reminded of a simpler time in my life.



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Having Fun with Mens Chastity Devices

When I am picking out my new mens chastity devices, I enjoy looking at the pictures of the models using them. It helps me focus on what these designs are actually going to look like when I have them on and I can figure out if that is something I want to try or not. When I first started wearing these devices I was only going to sites that had pictures of the devices not being worn. There were probably other sites that had models on them but I didn’t know where to look for them back then.

Just seeing the mens chastity devices and not seeing how they would fit over a cock made it difficult of me to judge whether this was something that was going to work for me. There were numerous times that I ended up purchasing something that I couldn’t wear because it ended up being too small or too large. Some of the sizes they used to have for older chastity designs just didn’t make all that much sense to me back then. But being able to see the device on a cock makes it much easier for me to get the right size every time.

The only thing I would like to see is more pictures of these mens chastity devices from different angles. I don’t mean that they have to take pictures of the men wearing them posing seductively or anything like that, although I don’t mind those pictures, either. But I would like to get some photos of the underside so that I can see how the devices fit with the balls and scrotum area in general. Other than that, wearing my chastity devices have brought me untold hours of pleasure and joy of which I wouldn’t ever give up if I had the choice.

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Shopping Online for Mens Chastity Devices

Finding mens chastity devices online is a lot easier than it used to be. There are so many guys willing to wear these items now that having a website detailing their experiences is something quite normal. At least that is what I found out when I started looking into wearing these items. Just about every guy that has a chastity device on has some kind of blog hidden away that explains their daily routines and what kind of fun things they have done while wearing them. These online diaries are something that I find absolutely amazing to say the least.

 I always thought about wearing a mens chastity device but I wasn’t sure if there were limitations to the things that I could do while having one on. I figure that some guys would probably have to change some things in their lives in order to wear one and still be happy but, apparently, they don’t. At least the ones that I have been reading about online haven’t had to change anything they are doing while wearing a chastity device. That made me think that I might just be able to live this lifestyle as well.

I decided, after a lot of research, that wearing mens chastity devices would be a good thing for me. I don’t really do anything outrageous in my life that I would need to change while wearing a chastity device so I went ahead and bought one. I must say that first day or two was a bit rough trying to get used to having my cock stuck in a cage. After that, however, I felt as if that device had been there for my entire life. I could go on doing all the things that I had done in the past and not have to worry about anyone seeing my device or it causing me any unneeded pain.




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Changing out Mens Chastity Devices


I have been using mens chastity devices for a few years and they weren’t all that easy for me to get used to. I had a very difficult time getting used to the first one I ever put on but, once I did, it was a very enjoyable experience for me. After wearing that first device for a few months, I decided I was ready to try another one and purchased one I found online. Again, it took me a while to get used to the way it fit but, since I was used to a device over all, it wasn’t as bad.

Changing out mens chastity devices has always been one of the most dreaded things in my life. I know that as soon as I take that cage off I will get an erection trying to put the new one back on. I always have to wait until my erection goes away before trying to put the new one on and, if it is complicated to lock in place, I will usually get another erection again. That is probably the only thing that I don’t particularly care about in this lifestyle I have chosen to live for the rest of my days.

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Now you might not have any of these issues with your mens chastity devices, and I hope you don’t; but it’s something you need to keep in mind just in case. While you should probably pay attention to how it feels putting on your first device, by the time you get used to it, you might forget about what it was like that first time. If that happens, then you will be in for a surprise when you decide to change into something a bit different from what you have been used to wearing. Life could get a bit interesting for you at that point in time.

Mens Chastity Devices Don’t Have to be Scary


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Some of the mens chastity devices that you will get a chance to try out might scare you a bit at first. There are guys in the world that will try anything once and, if you are one of these guys, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem. But if you are someone that likes to take their time and pick something a bit more comfortable, you probably don’t want to jump in without any information. There are plenty of sites available that will tell you everything you need to know about these devices to make your decision a bit easier on you.


When it comes time to pick out mens chastity devices for your own needs, all you have to do is look around until something catches your attention. Then you can read up on it and look at various pictures of the device so that you can get a better feel about it. But if you are choosing devices for someone else, like your partner, then you need to pay a bit more attention to what you are doing. Take the time to look through all the devices on the sites that you go to so that you can get something they will enjoy.

Sometimes it helps if your partner is there when you are picking out mens chastity devices for them, but if you want to surprise them with one that can be difficult. This is especially true if they have never worn one in the past and you want them to get involved as being your slave. But if you take your time, you should be able to find a basic design that will make them happy. Just try not to get too crazy with something like this so that you don’t end up scaring your partner away when you pull it out and tell them to strap it on.