Remain Faithful with Mens Chastity Devices

Mens Chastity Devices

Remain Faithful with Mens Chastity Devices

Most of the mens chastity devices that you can wear are geared for controlling your erections. There is nothing more distracting that having an erection pop up in the middle of doing something important. But they are also great for those spouses whom think sex is all about the person you are with at that time. If your husband or gay partner is cheating on you, then maybe they should be wearing a male chastity device to put them straight again. Just make sure that the relationship is actually worth saving before you go this route or there could be deeper psychological issues coming out later.

If your partner is worth saving and they are willing to wear mens chastity devices for you, then you are one step closer to saving your relationship. If they aren’t too sure about wearing something like this or they don’t think it’s an issue, then you can always try to get it on them while they are sleeping. It’s best to do this after a party so that you know they aren’t going to wake up as soon as you try placing the lock on. Just make sure you keep the key hidden away somewhere they can’t find it if you go this route.

One thought on “Remain Faithful with Mens Chastity Devices

  1. I was forced into wearing one of these devices by my mate and found it exceptionally humiliating. I was not very pleased to wake up and find something attached to my cock and not be able to take it off. In fact I threatened to call the entire relationship off as soon as I saw what I was wearing. But after I calmed down a bit it was explained to me that my wearing this device was the sole aspect of actually saving any bases of relationship that might exist between us. I had to accept the fact that cheating on my mate was effecting every aspect of our lives and it needed to stop if we were to be happy again. So I accepted my fate and went along with it thinking I could deal with the lock later on. But after wearing it for a few days I realized that this was exactly what I needed in order to be happy and to show my mate that there was indeed something to our relationship that I just couldn’t live without. It may not be for everyone out there but it worked for us and it could be what your relationship needs to survive.