Loving Your Mens Chastity Devices

Mens Chastity Devices

Loving Your Mens Chastity Devices

If you are hoping to experience something that you never thought would ever happen, then you need to check out the selection of mens chastity devices that are available to you online. This is the type of thing that you might find a bit confusing at first, but if you do some basic research on what this type of lifestyle can bring to you, then you will want to try it even more. You are going to be amazed at what you find during your research and you will want to see if all that is actually true.

The most unique aspect of wearing mens chastity devices comes in the fact that you benefit more if you wear them longer without taking them off. It’s odd to think that there are items out there that will keep you from enjoying typical sexual experiences and still make you happy with your life in general. If you really want to enjoy a lifestyle such as that, then you have to find a device that you can wear at all hours of the day and night while remaining comfortable enough that you don’t want to take it off. That is the secret to success when it comes to this lifestyle.

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Where to Find Great Men Chastity Devices

Men Chastity Devices

Where to Find Great Men Chastity Devices

Shopping for men chastity devices can be somewhat of a challenge especially if you live in a smaller town where you’re not likely to find a contraption made specifically to shove your cock into and lock it up. You may find exactly what you’re looking for if you live in a large well populated city because there are more than likely some great adult shops there with sales associates that are more than happy to help you in making the best choices. If that’s your case, consider yourself lucky.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck in one of those aforementioned tiny towns, you’ll probably have to either take a road trip to a larger city or go online to look at what’s offered from the online shops. Many websites are devoted to selling sex toys and devices of all types and that includes men chastity devices. Shopping online isn’t so bad, though. Consider that you can sit back in the privacy of your home and browse at your leisure until you find exactly what you’re looking for. Then all you have to do is click the order button and wait for it to arrive at your doorstep.


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Let’s Look at Chastity Cages

Mens Chastity Devices

Let’s Look at Chastity Cages

One of the most often used mens chastity devices is the chastity cock cage. These are also called cock cages as simply chastity cages. Whatever you call them, though, they still accomplish the same goal. Your penis is imprisoned within these little metal bars and the lock is turned. The key to this lock is then turned over to your Key Holder. This is the person that has full responsibility of taking care of your key and making sure that you don’t get out of your cock cage until he or she says that you can. Now, you can have an erection while wearing the cage, but you won’t enjoy it and it will be painful for you as your penis starts cut into the bars of the cage. No one wants to enjoy that.

However, what you will learn is how to control those impromptu erections that can make you embarrassed and uncomfortable when they happen at the worst time possible. A cock cage will keep you from experiencing something like that. You’ll also learn more about pleasing your partner, who will probably also be your Key Holder. This is the person that will be instructing you in how to please him or her and if you do it the right way, you’ll be allowed to come out of your cage and possibly even get to have some fun of your own.


Mens chastity devices at Koala

Cock cage male chastity

I am truly amazed at all the options I found when it comes to mens chastity devices. I know for a fact that there are a lot of options out there but then again I didn’t realize that it’s really a lot. At some point, it became hard for me to pick one because I couldn’t really figure out which one is perfect and which one will give me the most edge when it comes to my sex life.


To be honest, at some point too, I started to feel a little hesitant about using mens chastity devices because my sex life is already good enough. I was afraid that I might not be able to keep up with the demands that go with these devices. But I guess it’s all just a matter of knowing what you can offer and knowing your limits at the same time.


At the moment I have more than ten different types of mens chastity devices and I make it a point to use each one after the other. If I am sleeping with a new partner, I make it a point to surprise him with the best one. I think this is  a really great opportunity for me because it helps save myself.

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Mens chastity devices hard core action for men

I used to think that mens chastity devices are just like that – devices that you can use and nothing more and nothing less. I mean I want to be able to experiment on my boundaries while making sure that the devices that I can wear and use are those that I can keep and use for a really long time.


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I was wondering how come some mens chastity devices are made from steel. I’m thinking that this is what will make them seem not too long lasting. I hope that I will be able to really take advantage of them because for one, the prices are no joke as well as the fact that I can use it whenever I want to without harming myself.


Thus, I will only go after buying mens chastity devices that I can have and use for keeps because if I don’t it wouldn’t really be so worth it. I need to be able to really take advantage of finding the best while others are out there unaware of the fact that something like this exists as of the moment. So I guess I should really double time starting now.

Mens chastity devices and cock gear

Kinky as it is, mens chastity devices are one of the talked about items in the adult store today. It is also one of the best topics that I and my lover have been discussing the previous days. He wanted to try it as soon as we can get it. But then, I wanted it too. So the issue with us is if we would like to do it together at the same time. Most of the time we do it alternately, one night for him, one night for me. Wearing it together at the same time is a new thing that we are to try soon, I just can’t wait! I want to know the effects of it on us both. Will it be hotter, or will it be awkward. I am excited though!


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To see him as constrained as I am. It gets me excited!  He on the other hand is preparing for his containment for the night. We are anticipating this night actually. We did some preparation about how to do it, when should we put it on and how long will it stay on, once we decided to play with it.  But I think, even if we are both constrained, we will still have a wonderful time.


Mens Chastity Devices to Buy

Mens Chastity Devices to Buy


I can say that I might have probably outgrown using mens chastity devices until I found the ones being sold by Koala designs, It’s kind of surprising and frustrating at the same time how I’ve outgrown these kinds of selections. I used to think that my taste in devices will never go out of trend but I guess I am simply wrong.


Mens chastity devices are also very great for a number of different reasons. I love using different types whenever I am in bed with somebody – girl or boy. Since I really like to experiment with things, I find it very easy and comfortable to do so when I use them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really feel as experimentational.


So if you still haven’t really tried using mens chastity devices, I suggest you do so as soon as possible because you’re really missing out on all the fun that you can experience while using it. Other than this, you will also be missing out greatly on a lot of other excitements in bed that would be great to feel right now. So remember buy your devices from the most reliable store that you can buy it from like where I bought mine.


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Being a kink is not bad. It only shows your sexuality and how high do your libido kicks. It is a part of you; the you that need to feed. Do not be shy to be who you are. No one else will do the job for you. If you enjoy sex at the highest level, do it. If you like to use toys and kinks, find them. That is the same with liking mens chastity devices when having a hot sexual encounter. It makes you feel exposed to your partner and it increases the hormonal kick in you. This will make the sexual activity more spicy and fun.


If you are experimental enough for yourself, try the stainless steel mens chastity devices so you can gauge your feelings about using it. You would never know if you would like it until you give it a try. It will be fine to try light, but as long as you keep using it, you will find yourself enjoying the use of it. It will be a different level of arousal; it is a different type of turning each other on. Keep in mind that these chastity devices can be used alternately or if you have more than one, you can try them together at the same time.

Mens chastity devices more cock stretching

If you need to boost your sexual moments with your man, it is good to try the mens chastity devices as one of the options. These devices have a wide array to choose from, you only need to ask yourself if you are ready to use one. Once you do, get your ass off and shop! Some like the cage chastity items, some like the ball crushers, other would prefer the lycra male chastity underwears, and more. You should take your time in finding which one would turn you on so much.


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Mens chastity devices extreme penis stretcher by koalaswim.com

Mens chastity devices heavy duty penis stretcher by koalaswim.com


Shopping online is one of the best things to do. From online you can already see the item; you can read what it is for and how it would make your sexual moments more spicy and kinky. And the privacy is there too. If this is your first time, get something sexy and hot. Most are actually hot to wear, and it just has this tendency to make the one who see it crave. Its look and designs can trigger a sleeping kinkiness in you. It will make your blood rush and your libido kick you hard that you just have to devour your men. Get the mens chastity devices and try it tonight!

Mens chastity device cock designs

Gay men like you are truly exciting to have sex with and that’s because you’re just game to try anything and everything you can possibly think of. This is also the very reason why you will definitely have a great time trying out different mens chastity devices that will definitely take your standards for sex to a higher state and level.


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Mens chastity device by koalaswim.com

Mens chastity device by koalaswim.com sex wear male chastity

If you haven’t had the chance to purchase mens chastity devices, then that’s fine. But you have to start choosing several options that you can wear. Make sure to not tell your sexual partner about it yet because it will be more exciting for him to see you wear something absolutely unique the next time you have sex anywhere you might end up with.


The best place for you to purchase your mens chastity device would have to be online because you can find everything there for you and you can easily choose based on the pictures that you will see. But expect the actual expeirence of wearing these devices to be way better than what you can see on the pictures because it will certainly make your sexual fantasies come true and more exciting at that