Mens chastity devices and the fem side of being a sissy

Thought I woulod show a photo of me transformed from male to female. This Koala designs is called a vagina look suit for a very good reason. You not only look like you have a pussy you feel like it to. Women love transforming their man to female just for the fun of it and many slaves are forced to wear these designs. When the mens chastity devices come off not all men are allowed to stay men.


Surf around the internet and find the kinky toys you want with your partner so you will be able to gauge which is best for you both. Since you will be sharing each kinky intimate moment, it is advisable to choose together unless you are up for a surprise. One to not miss is the male chastity devices. Don’t you ever miss to check it out! This is a kink booster. This device can make you both feel restrained and teased at the same time.


Imaging the feeling of lust at the moment and been wanting to be ravish yet he can’t (not just yet) because the male chastity devices have his hot penis enclosed to give you a good tease by looking at it. It makes the penis look more ravishing, waiting, wanting to be freed yet so ready for you to taste anytime you want since it is not going anywhere (literally!). Try one together so you will both have the ultimate experience of being caged and enticed. Not many men can do that but real men can. It only takes a few minutes to find one you will like from online to feed that kinkiness and explore it together.


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Male chastity devices forced fem by

Male chastity devices forced fem by Just me showing off my tiny vagina at a pool party. The guys and girls loved it!