Male Chastity Devices

This blog will go into deep detail about Male chastity devices. What male chastity devices are available on the market, what male chastity devices are best for you, information on keeping your male chastity devices clean, Information on learning to use your male chastity devices and of course training your man using male chastity devices.

Some of the most extreme male chastity devices can be found at this link.

Cock cages and fun anal equipment can be found there too!

In addition to male chastity devices we will discuss male to female transformation, male humiliation, slave and master relationships, slave training, sissy training, Fem wear, extreme fem style mens swimwear, fetish wear and even spandex sex wear for men. This will be an active and on going blog. I will include photos of myself and my tiny slave penis and photos I find about interesting products.

Thanks for joining the conversation!

Here is a photo of me with an ass hook shoved deep into me.


Male chastity devices ass hook

Male chastity devices ass hook suit from